Welcome friend. I'm David O'Boyle. Musician, songwriter, and follower of Jesus Christ. 

This is typically the "Bio" page where I would be entitled to bragging rights, you know, where I'd go to great lengths to try to impress you with all my years of experience and extensive musical resume. Here's the thing, my musical skills, which I'll refer to as "gifts", are exactly that, gifts... and they come from God, so all the glory goes to Him. Yes, it's true, I've spent years schlepping gear around from band to band and gig to gig, "paying my dues". These days? Having been "born again", I'd much rather put what talent I have to use making music and singing praises to God for the dues He paid for me. 

The inspiration for this website and all of it's content is Jesus Christ, my personal Lord and Savior. My hope is that the songs and videos here will speak to you in one way or another. Since I'm just getting started here, be sure to check back in on occasion, as I'll continue to post new songs and videos!


I hope you'll take some time to celebrate and rejoice in the songs here, letting the words and images resonate with you. If you don't yet have a personal relationship with Jesus, good news... He's always accessible to you! Contact me via the "About You" page and I'll share with you how you too can accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and get you on the road to salvation! Hope to see you there! Cheers.